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Increase your revenue by enhancing your store performance.

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Improve your store performance

Datavision is a real-time visual data analytics tool that offers actionable customer insights for retail stores.


Turn in-store customer behavior into exploitable Data in real time.


Treat and analyse the data and turn it into understandable insights.

Improve :

Report conclusions based on insights to improve the store performance

We provide you with ?

Get the most from your retail data

Our real time dashboard provides you with :
Age and gender statistics

With high accuracy, Datavision determines the age and the gender of visitors.

Visit duration algorithms

Based on our tracking models, Datavision deduces every shopper’s visit duration.

Conversion rate

Powered by vistor path tracking, Datavision is able to determine if the visitor has either made a purchase or not.

Visitors return rate

Our proprietary reidentification technology enables us to detect new visitors and re-identify old clients.

Region of interest:

The Datavision technology can measure retail traffic in the store and determine the most frequented regions.

Trajectories’ frequency

Datavision determines the most frequent trajectories taken by visitors.

Unique visitor counter

Each visitor to the store is only counted once during the visit.

Mood & satisfaction

Datavision facial analysis provides mood and statistics of every visitor all while preserving their privacy.

Visitor movement heatmap

Datavision measure retail traffic to determine the most frequented regions and show it in an easy to understand map.

Real-time assistance alerts

In-store analysis reveal when and where shoppers need staff assistance and sends alerts in real time.

It’s time to Grow more earnings

Easy to install solution

Datavision box is composed of a hardware, multiplatform dashboard for real-time data display and a control mobile app.


Install the box or integrate it into existing security cameras


Visualize your in-store activities and customer behavior in your real-time dashboard.


Control staff effectiveness and unforeseen events through your mobile-app

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What makes us unique ?

We provide our customers with accuracy insights and high detailed Fact-based statistics.

In a real time, Datavision takes raw data from several locations and converts it into exploitable analysis.

We Maintain privacy and security of data : no image or video is stored and all data processing is on premises.

We Maintain privacy and security of data : no image or video is stored and all data processing is on premises.

Use data insight for positive change

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  • 1 Integrated Camera
  • Environmental sensors
  • Recommendations
  • Mobile App
  • Generating reports
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  • Tailored hardware and software solutions designed specifically for the customer's infrastructure and applications (Industry, Transportation, Security,..)
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